Balaghat Express
Balaghat Express is known for its quality news content from even the remotest areas. The 12 pages contain everything from National-International, Madhya Pradesh-Chattisgarh, Sports, Business, Education and Editorial. Out of these 12 pages 6 pages are fully dedicated to different Tehsils of Balghat District. Thus serving localized offerings along with national.
The circulation area covers Balaghat District (Waraseoni, Rampaeli, Khairlanji, Bhorgadh, Amai, Dongarmali, Budbuda, Dini, Aarambha, Kaidi, Katangi, Tirodi, Mahkepar, Bonkatta, Lanji, Hatta, Rajegaon, Kirnapur, Bhanegaon, Bolgaon, Risewada, Bahela, Kulpa-Karanja, Lalburra, Ugli, Dorenda, Bagdongri, Pandia Chapara, Kanari, Khursoda, Imlitola, Sarekha, Sakri, Arandia, Dhutera, Mohbarra, Jitarra, Khami and Malari), Seoni, Mandla, Nainpur, Barghat and Chindwara. We are also planning to start our operations in Maharashtra and Chattisgarh soon.
Padmesh News
Padmesh News is our weekly newspaper that we publish every Sunday along with Balaghat Express. We get a huge response from our readers and it has become the most favorite weekly of the readers. It’s a 4 page black and white newspaper that contains contemporary articles, stories, articles from our readers, and a full page dedicated to children. This paper satisfies the intellectual needs of our readers.
Padmesh Citi Cable
We are an MSO operating in the whole district covering Balagaht, Waraseoni, Katangi, Lalburra and Bharweli. We are there in almost every household, with great response from the audience. Our electronic news Padmesh News is the most favorite TV program of the people. We regularly organize events such as talent shows, contests, musical programs, interviews, talk shows and short TV programs. We also make electronic ads – fullscreen and ticker ads.
Padmesh Publication
Padmesh publication is a publication house with its own printing capacities. Currently we are publishing our own newspaper and journals.
Padmesh Music
Our very new initiative as a musical band and musical event company, which organizes musical shows. We also take musical projects, which include performing musical shows on different occasions.
Padmesh Broadband

Bandwidth & VPN . Eduction . Network

Railwire focuses on pure play broadband and VPI services. Railwire offers content & application driven network. Railwire aims to become a hub of local information and a tool for rendering communication, infotainment, education, health and community services to the masses. Education, health and entertainment will be the primary verticals to be rolled-out in the content delivery Network (CDN) since the roll-out will harness the entrepreneurial energies of several hundreds of access Network Providers (ANPs) and MSPs of every Circle/States, this model will scale-up and sperad fast to achieve the broadband penetration desired by the government.